Bitgert and Centcex are among the top crypto choices for 2022. The crypto market has been experiencing highs and lows in the past weeks of January. Today, most cryptocurrencies are yet to regain their1st January price. Though the price crashes have been triggered by the FED regulations, it has also provided the perfect time to pick the most resilient and best crypto investments of 2022. All the cryptocurrencies in this list are some of the best this year, but Bitgert and Centcex might be the best choices for 2022. 



Because of the team’s rapid progress, the Bitgert project has sparked a lot of interest in the crypto industry. By January 28th, the Bitgert project will be six months old, with numerous features deployed, including the Brise wallet, Swap, staking process, and listing on multiple tier-2 exchanges. Bitgert has already begun constructing a centralised exchange and a gasless blockchain using parachain technology in the last six months. The Bitgert CEX will be available in Q1. The creation of the gas-free blockchain is nearing completion. In addition, the Bitgert team has vowed to create and launch over ten items in 2022. The tier-1 exchange listing and iOS wallet will be available soon. Tokenomics, which is both unique and lucrative, as well as staking rewards are a few motives why Bitgert is the hottest crypto investment in the market right now. 


The value that a cryptocurrency project delivers to the industry is what makes it a good coin. This is one of the main reasons why Centcex, although being just two months old, has gained a lot of attention. The Centcex project is addressing two major challenges in cryptocurrency: security and user experience. The Centcex team is working on extremely secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency projects. The team will be working on staking systems, cryptocurrency exchanges, and a variety of dApps. Centcex products will offer the greatest features that attract millions of consumers, thanks to a team of highly skilled developers. The Centcex initiative offers investors a 100% APY on the revenue earned by the items pledged in CENX. With the Centcex lab releasing an infinite number of products, this means a lot of profit for investors. The Centcex project is still immature hence one of the best choices of 2022.


BabyDoge is one of the market’s most successful dog currencies. Because of the fascinating features it provides, it has become one of the fastest-growing dog currencies. When compared to other dog currencies, BabyDoge has one of the most valuable tokens. That is one of the largest, and it has attracted a lot of investors. The BabyDogecard and a mobile application allow the holder of this cryptocurrency to purchase things from different online merchants. BabyDogeareWooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento are among the stores that presently accept it. In 2022, BabyDoge is one of the hyper-deflationary cryptocurrencies to consider.

Saitama Inu

Another cryptocurrency that is gaining popularity is Saitama Inu. The team has been hard at work on creating the Saitama ecosystem, which is likely to be a game-changer for this project. The team is already at work on major items that will operate on the Saitama ecosystem. The most crucial thing to remember is that the Saitama Inu team is developing DeFi and NFT devices. The SaitaMask launch has made the community to use it more frequently. The SaitaMaker, an NFT launchpad platform, is the team’s next product. Another product being developed by the team is the Saitama Edutainment. The Saitama Inu might be one of the most significant projects of 2022.


The Safemoon token price has remained constant over the recent crashes, indicating that the project is sure to recover. The team has been enduring steps that have piqued the interest of the crypto world. The Safemoon V2 update, which was a success, was one of the most recent big advances. The impending Safemoon Operation Phoenix is predicted to have a significant influence on the project and perhaps restore its former grandeur. This time, the Safemoon team has created a set of technologies that decentralise vital industries. The energy decentralisation of the wind turbine is the most intriguing aspect of this concept.

Floki Inu

Another cryptocurrency to keep an eye on in 2022 is the Floki Inu. The initiative is attempting to convert the meme token into a more valuable token from which investors may derive value for their investments. The Floki has been working on creating an entire ecosystem that will utilise the FLOKI token as its native coin. Valhalla, FlokiPlaces, FlokiInuversity, and Floki DeFi are among the first goods on the way. Because DeFi and NFT are now the fastest-growing industries, the Floki Inu team wants to maximise their impact.


Metahero is another one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency concept that is doing well in the market. Some of the most modern scanning and modelling technologies are used in the Metahero project. The V3 Metascanner is one of the top technologies that is frequently utilised in the metaverse business by gaming developers to create 3D avatars and digital assets. The Metahero team is focusing on improving the technology. This implies that more developers may join the Metahero network to work on this technology. As a result, Metahero is one of the initiatives expected to succeed in 2022.


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