Men are two times more likely than women in South Africa to hold cryptocurrencies. In South Africa, around 1411% of males indicated they own the coins of the future. Cryptocurrency, compared to 8.5% of women. Crypto ownership has shown no category to own it by any age or gender. Globally, crypto ownership is led by people aged 18 to 34.


The global adoption rate of cryptocurrency increased to 155 percent in December 2021, up from 11.2 percent in October 2021. The report focused on the Crypto development trends of South Africa, which placed the 21st position out of different nations. “The overall crypto ownership rate in South Africa is 1.3%, slacking the US at 105 % and Sweden at 10%.” 2003 internet users in the country were surveyed for this purpose, and statistical data about the various aspects of cryptocurrency adoption in South Africa emerged. 

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Ripple, and Dogecoin are among the major cryptocurrencies owned in South Africa. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in South Africa, with nearly half the crypto owners owning different coins. South Africa ranks second in the world next to Australia. With 31.51%, Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency followed by Ripple. Solana and Dogecoin are other popularly owned crypto coins.

Worldwide, Singapore had the greatest possession of Ethereum. The United States owns Dogecoin with a percentage of 31.6. Indonesia is known for its highest Solana adoption and Japan has the highest Ripple ownership. South African nations and other parts of the world have started to adopt cryptocurrency without any gender and age. Men are more likely to hold these coins than women who hold cryptocurrencies globally. From a survey made in December 2021, it is reported that 59 percent of men own cryptocurrency compared to 41 percent of women.

Cinder (CIN) cryptocurrency, which debuted in January, has revealed some crucial insights on the global rise of cryptocurrencies via an ongoing study of internet users in 27 nations. The survey focuses on data recorded on December 2021. Vietnam led the globe in bitcoin ownership with 286 percentage, followed by India with 234 % and Australia with 229 %. Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan, on the other hand, were among the nations with the lowest bitcoin ownership rates, at 6-7 % respectively.

Cryptocurrency attention in South Africa:

In November 2021, Finder analysed internet users from 23 countries to learn about this element. South Africa scored 8th position out of 23 nations in terms of crypto awareness. 66 percentage of respondents said they had heard of cryptocurrency and own it. South Africa also scored in the top 10 positions in terms of cryptocurrency optimism. 47% of respondents say it to be the best and most suitable investment choice. It is actually higher than the overall global average of 43%.


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