The conspicuous highlight of bitcoin is its anonymity. Despite this, the fact which surprises the majority is that the real creator of bitcoin is still unknown. Presenting the whitepaper passed to the society, Satoshi Nakamoto owns the credit to be the bitcoin inventor.

Bitcoin has solely controlled the mainstream market platform on its own. Every single investor and bitcoin trade members were impressed by the results of investment drawn by the cryptocurrency. Also, read about the first payment under bitcoin.


The creation of bitcoin is still anonymous as the identification of the bitcoin creator is still not fully certified. Bitcoin is a decentralized digitalized coin with no administrative control included in the plot.

Bitcoin was primarily published in 2009. Even after a decade, most crypto collectors are still unaware of the interesting facts about bitcoin. However, the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is not yet discovered. Since there is no certain information about the bitcoin inventor, an Australian businessman once sued that he is the original creator of bitcoin.

The entrepreneur on succeeding developed a different cryptocurrency with the name bitcoin cash. This builder faked the complete outline and scammed the money invested in bitcoin cash.

The top breakthrough reached by bitcoin as of now is $65000. Many might be unaware of the fact that bitcoin was initially published as a digitalized currency for remittance and payments. The fun fact is that the first payment processed in bitcoin was to buy a pizza. This is the reason why Bitcoin pizza day is caroused on May 22. The cost of bitcoin was initially 0.2 dollars and the person buying pizza used bitcoin as a payment method. He paid 10,000 Bitcoin on the 22nd of May 2010 to buy that little pizza. Those days, buying a pizza was highly unusual even after being aware of the existence of bitcoin. 10,000 BTC units cost $41 during that time. 

At present, bitcoin achieved an unbreakable milestone of $65000. The network of bitcoin was created such that 21 million bitcoin units were to be built. Various facts and stats say that more than 16 million bitcoin units are generated till today. Out of these units, 11 million units are illiquid, which means they cannot be sent to circulation. 

Many might wonder how bitcoins are generated. Bitcoins are made by a sequence or progression named bitcoin mining. Bitcoin Mining is the route of providing power and enhancing capital to validate the transactions of the bitcoin network and process the final decision of transaction beside few additional components. As a result of bitcoin mining, the person performing the process acquire a block reward. This block reward adds a unique bitcoin adjacent to the transaction cost.

Bitcoin stole the attention of the market platform as it offered tons of features contributed by the complexity of bitcoin. The confidentiality and secure information of transactions in the bitcoin network are maintained so that the bitcoin complex does not conciliate real identification while performing a transaction. Bitcoin transactions are primed and processed on a public classified record named blockchain. The team of miners further sustains the blockchain as every individual check the transaction and advances the data and information in the design of a block to the blockchain.

This blockchain is highly accessible by every member of the bitcoin network. The data gathered by the blockchain of bitcoin is called the wallet address. The wallet address provides a disordered sequence of numbers and characters set by the bitcoin wallet forum to the individual investors. Bitcoin wallet address requires the authorization of a transaction with the help of a private key. The private key is quite similar to the physical key. But unlike the physical key, losing it has no way back.


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