Coinbase is growing aggressively and intends to advance India its latest target. Also, it is offering top talents $1,000 on their recruitment in India. Despite this, a U.S firm believes that it can bring this supremacy to a stop, or at least try its best to mark a small pit.


Coinbase has dominated in the U.S continuously for years. It is the gateway for different newbies to enter the crypto platform. Now, the market transactions are unfolding worldwide, with India and Germany on their radar. Fresh recruits get acquired with a $1,000 bonus for registering on the exchange. Nevertheless, one popular U.S firm famous for its part in El Salvador’s Bitcoin Move plans to bring the dominance of Coinbase to an unexpected end. 

With a population of approximately $1.4 billion people, India still lags in crypto. Despite this, platforms like CoinDCX and upcoming WazirX have conferred the glorious potential the country owns. And soon, they will be under the American giant Coinbase.

The site lead for Coinbase India, Pankaj Gupta, mentions the divisions in the exchange plans and what the future carries. According to his recent blog post, the exchange will appoint hundreds of engineers and engage in assets to grow in the nation. 

The fascinating publication about Coinbase was its sizeable bonus offer to its recruiters. As a product-led firm, it’s essential that the new employees in India appreciate the products and services that they are helping to achieve. A new program named CIkka (Coinbase India Sikka) grants every new employee in India a one-time $1000 bonus in crypto. It motivates the new appoints to establish their expertise to work and advance crypto in India. 

Coinbase premieres in India at an unexpected time. On one hand, India has never been more assuring for crypto. According to a Bloomberg survey, the crypto division in India has peaked at $6.6 billion last month from just under a billion in April last year. On the other hand, different regulations are to be adopted. In addition, the government is looking forward to banning this sector.


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