Transaction fees less than 20 Rupees.


  • Open Trust Wallet.
  • Click on the Dapp section and Paste the link ->
  • Select the network chain at the top right corner: Smart Chain.
  • Now Click “Connect Wallet” if a pop-up appears.
  • Click Buy USDR.
  • Click on Claim Airdrop.
  • Confirm the transaction and Click on APPROVE.
  • Wait for some time and refresh. If the USDR token is not added automatically then follow the below process to add that token to your wallet.

Add USDR token to trustwallet

  • Open Trust Wallet again.
  • Now click the settings on the top right corner.
  • USDR Contract Address: 0xe2a780b271ad9cb1845c24a0aae93feb5c24c9d2
  • Copy and paste the contract address in the Search tokens section.
  • Now click on the Add Custom Token.
  • Select the network as Smart Chain.
  • With the help of the PASTE option, fill the Contract Address.
  • It automatically fills up Name, Symbol, Decimals.
  • Now click Done. You can see the USDR token.
  • As well as the Airdrop is successfully added.

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