Bank of America is planning to support Bitcoin Futures for different clients. Anonymous sources have reported to Coindesk that some BoFA is ready to set up the trade, with more on the process. One such source also mentions BoFA facilitating the Bitcoin futures with CME deals.  

Shortly after the report, this information was collected that BoFA would launch a crypto-specific analytic team in an in-house notice. Many recent experts like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have begun extending Bitcoin investment stocks amid growing clients needs. 


The second-largest group in the US, Bank of America, is reportedly letting its investors join the Bitcoin Futures market. A fresh report from Coindesk infers that several investors are establishing up their Bitcoin futures trading account while a few might have gone live already.

The US banking head had proclaimed a crypto research club that would be provided tasks to view different crypto foundation technologies. This council is heating up to the digital asset platform after securing a conservative stand for a long time. In the year 2018, the Bank of America barred its investors and financial experts from investing in crypto exchanges.

Another reference suggested that the bank would facilitate the CME Futures for their clients. CME is one of the chief Bitcoin derivative platforms for traders and is believed to be the leading Bitcoin Futures market. Several American banking groups have changed their idealogy on Bitcoin this bull season as it started luring affluent institutional investors this period. 

JP Morgan, however, doesn’t notice any great future in Bitcoin, but the extensive demand for the first cryptocurrency urged them to allow it to their clients. Likewise, Goldman Sachs didn’t contemplate Bitcoin as an asset type but set it at the top of their Best performance list this year. They have also reestablished their cryptocurrency desk amid expanding clients’ interests.

The search for the top cryptocurrency hasn’t declined even when the price dropped by half. The growing concern of institutions could also point the way for more conforming regulations around the crypto market. Earlier wealthy investors lingered away from the crypto market. Many considered it a bubble, saying it was too volatile of an asset to invest. However, this bull season turned that factor and now businesses are racing to add Bitcoin and crypto to their portfolio collections.


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