Last December, Wozniak launched the following firm after Apple announced Efforce, a blockchain-based platform in the energy competence space spreading its token WOZX. A great enthusiast of Bitcoin, Pliego tweeted with a variety of hashtags #Bitcoin is the new gold, #easily portable and many more.


Apple is one among the growing tribe of corporates globally, has started experimenting with cryptocurrencies. The iPhone creator in his job post for Business Development Manager had chosen his alternative payments as crypto. It hinted towards the interest in exploring the crypto buzz.  

Apple co-founder refers to Bitcoin as a unique mathematical asset and terms it to be a marvel of technology. Steve Wozniak, one among the prominent people across the globe, speaks and supports Bitcoin and its ultimate potential, even though he is yet to invest in Bitcoin. 

Speaking of this, at Talent Land Digital 2021 Mexico, Wozniak described it to be a unique technology for investment. Data from the local news portal refers, Wozniak statement on Bitcoin being more profitable than gold. He also believes that gold is limited and hard to explore. He believes that it is sure to have a bright future. 

The drawbacks are Bitcoin, valued as digital gold, is limited to 21 million tokens. Moreover, there is no central authority such as a bank or a government to issue these. Also, only a low number of liquid markets are available to process exchanges under fiat currency.

Meanwhile, in 2018, Wozniak informs CNBC that Bitcoin will someday become the unique digital currency worldwide. Also, he states that there is a specific volume of bitcoin which gets distributed uniquely. It’s sheer – there is neither a human touch nor a company running it. It seems to keep growing and surviving just like something natural that nature offers to humans.

According to a company report, Efforce is a platform that allows companies to offer energy efficiency standards at zero cost such that they can invest their liquidity without any critical risks. The company also launched its crypto tokens named WOZX to securitize energy savings. 


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