Despite continuous administrative influence from the government and central bank, Crypto investments have peaked since the last decade in India. 

The number of investors in India now crosses more than 15 million, contrasted to 23 million in the United States. Investment growth has achieved a 200-fold profit.


According to the survey from blockchain firm Chainalysis, cryptocurrency investments have spanned from $200 million to nearly $40 billion in the past year, which represents a phenomenal growth of roughly 20000%.  

India is encountering a steady growth in trade despite all the obligations given by the authorities like the warning from the central bank on affairs about the cryptocurrency market as an asset group and the proposal to ban crypto trading in India.

As a recipient of profits, India still lingers with other markets by ranking itself 18 out of the top 25 nations on estimated bitcoin gains in 2020. This was reported by Chainalysis. 

The U.S. holds the first position at $4.1 billion followed by China at $1.1 billion and Japan at $900 million.


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