Inflation is a major concern for the elite, as it is for everyone else. It’s fascinating to watch how the ultra-rich are investing as the new year begins with growing inflation on their minds. Because this is a problem for all investors, it’s a good idea to keep track of what they’re doing to protect themselves against inflation. The upshot here is that you don’t need to be raking in millions to secure your money in the market. 


Curiously, the problem on different minds is the one that dominated the second part of 2021 – Increasing Inflation. Higher inflation has influenced a lot on how millionaires and billionaires choose to invest in the new year. Despite the fact, the average investor is dubious to hold millions to their name. There may be methods to simulate how the wealthy arrange their finances and funds, particularly in the light of ongoing inflation fears that keeps impacting the year.

TIGER 21 is a peer-to-peer learning network for investors and entrepreneurs with $10 million to $1 billion in personal net worth. Chairman and founder of TIGER 21 – Michael Sonnenfeldt, says that the rich are concerned about inflation and want ideas to conserve assets in 2022, just as all investors think. 

Creating Inflation-Proof Investments

Members of TIGER 21 are confident that inflationary concerns will be enduring rather than fleeting. According to a survey, 65% of members think that inflation is likely to rise over the period. As a result, they are shifting funds to some of their preferred assets, like real estate, industrial sites, and residential complexes, to hedge against inflation.

Boosting cryptocurrency assets

TIGER members have raised their investment in cryptocurrency as an alternative for investing in gold to combat inflation. Members of TIGER 21 are investing mostly in ethereum, bitcoin, dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies and crypto funds. These affluent investors are not mistaken. 

Bitcoin is sometimes referred to as “digital gold,” and while its restricted supply should potentially guard against inflation, it is unclear if it will be a suitable inflation hedge in the long run. Of course, owing to financing tools that make it simple, ordinary people may now invest in cryptocurrency.

Cash App is a peer-to-peer transaction and payment app developed by Square Inc. It allows users to buy only bitcoin cryptocurrency. PayPal lets its users buy four different cryptocurrencies bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and litecoin. Users holding crypto on PayPal can then use it to checkout on the app as well. 

Robinhood users may acquire seven cryptocurrencies using the mobile stock investing software, including the famous dogecoin humour cryptocurrency. SoFi, a personal finance company, also accepts crypto purchases of 21 different currencies and crypto tokens via its app.


For investors wanting more control over crypto and wishing to hold it directly, Coinbase is the best platform. It offers a forum to buy, sell, swap, store and exchange over 50 different cryptocurrencies. 


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